Dubai Drive
  • Dubai Drive - not just another racing game!
  • Brought to you by Dubai Public Prosecution
  • Enjoy realistic Dubai street views, and learn how to drive safely in the urban jungle
  • Drive in a selection of cars - from the commuter's sedan, to the cool super car
  • Experience real traffic scenarios, learn about Dubai's traffic rules, and become a safer driver

Now available on your iPad and iPhone!

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It's about safety

One of the game's main objectives is to promote a safer and more responsible driving style. You won't get too far if you play it like a racing game. But still, it is fun and you can learn a lot from this game!

It's about Dubai

There are so many cool places and roads in Dubai, we didn't even know where to begin. Capturing a little bit of Dubai's spirit, the game features one of the most popular roads - Sheikh Zayed Road.

It's a serious game

Our effort relies on studies of the effects of gaming habits on driving experience, and the impact of games designed with educational goals and featuring three-dimensional visualization and simulation.

It's about rules

The game implements most of the important traffic and driving rules - from speed limits, to keeping distance and using indicators when changing lanes. There are also positive points, that encourage good driving.

About the initiative

DubaiDrive is an initiative of Dubai Public Prosecution (DPP) - a game designed to promote road safety and law-abiding driving behaviour in Dubai. The project is unique in several aspects - the game recreates existing traffic signals, signboards, buildings, sidewalks, towers and landmarks, and implements virtually all of Dubai's traffic rules and regulations.

Targeted at the audience that commits most traffic violations in the city - the age group of 18-35, the game reinforces positive driving behaviour and habits, and still manages to entertain players of all ages.

About Dubai Drive

Dubai Drive is not just another racing game - in fact, it's a simulator! Enjoy super-realistic Dubai street views, and learn how to drive safely in the urban jungle. Experience real traffic scenarios and road situations in the comfort and safety of a virtual world - learn Dubai's traffic rules, and become a safer driver.

It's hard, but great views are guaranteed - from Floating Bridge and Creek Park right down to Sheikh Zayed Road and Burj Khalifa. You can drive in a selection of cars - from the commuter's sedan, to the cool super car.

And don't forget to use that indicator before changing lanes!

Road safety isn't a game. Play safe - be safe.

Speeding is the cause of nearly 85% of all fatalities on Dubai roads.

Speeding remains the most common, and most deadly traffic violation - more than 680,000 speeding fines have been issued in Dubai during the first five months of 2014. With 1.2 million driving licenses issued in the city, it seems that almost everyone is in a hurry. Better be late and alive - keep your foot off the accelerator!